GSV Verification Document Checklist- Documents/Records To be reviewed on site
1、Facility Security Plan 工厂保安计划
2、Written Personnel Security Guideline For Hiring and Personnel Record招聘员工的人事保安程序和人事记录
3、Employees Termination Procedure 员工解雇程序
4、Training Material and Record of Employees Orientation 新员工培训教材及记录
5、Employees Security Awareness Training Material and Records 员工保安意识培训教材及记录
6、Security Guard/Force Training Record 保安人员培训记录
7、Job Duty/Description of Security Guard 保安人员工作指引
8、Written Employee Code of Conduct/Handbook 员工手册 / 厂规
9、Visitor / Vehicle In-Out Access Control/Management Procedure 访客 / 外来车辆进出管理规定
10、Employees In-Out Record 员工进出纪录
11、Visitor and Vehicle In-Out Record 访客 / 外来车辆进出纪录
12、Factory ID returns and missing record 厂牌发放和遗失纪录
13、Record of the distribution of facility’s access keys, codes, cards to employees工厂门禁系统(钥匙/密码/卡)的分发纪录
14、Conveyance Drivers Entry-Exit Log 货车司机进出纪录
15、Written Procedure of Screen Arriving Package and Mail 外来包裹 / 邮件检查程序
16、Information Access Control Procedure资料管控程序
17、Container Integrity Inspection Procedure and Records (e.g. Seven Points Inspection) 集装箱完整性检查程序及记录(如:七点检查法)
18、Container Inspection Records 集装箱检查记录
19、Written Policy/Procedure for Affixing, Replacing, Recording, and Tracking the Seals 集装箱封条管理程序
20、Cargo Loading Record 出货 / 装车纪录
21、Seal Control Record 封条控制纪录
22、Written Security Standards and Procedures for Contractors (Contract, manuals etc) 对承办商保安要求及管理程序
23、Internal Periodic Unannounced Security Check Procedures and Records (If any) 定期内部突击保安检查程序及记录 (如有)