Wal-Mart Environmental Documention List Attached
Environmental categories and relevant documentations

1.Overall assessment

2.Waste Management
a)Waste tracking record废品追踪记录
b)Waste contractor cotract废品处理商联系方式
c)Waste nventory废品名录
d)Waste transfer invoice废品转移联单

3.Wastewater & Effluents Management
a)Wastewater discharge permit废水排放许可证
b)One-year wastewater discharge monitoring废水排放监测报告
c)Wastewater treatment maintenance record废水处理设备维修记录
d)Certificate of trained personnel specific to wastewater treatment epuipments and sampling collection在废水处理设备和取样方面接受过培训的人员证书
e)Drainage plans排水计划
f)Notes of violations and fines对违规项目及罚款的记录

4.Air Emissions Management
a)Air emission permit废气排放许可证
b)Air emission monitoring report废气排放监测报告
c)Air emission inventory废气排放名录
d)Air emission treatment maintenance record废气排放处理设备的维修记录
e)Certificate of trained personnel specific to air emission equipments and sampling collecting废气排放设备及取样方面接受过培训的人员证书

5.Water management
a)Permits for water use/extraction (if applicable)取地下水许可证(如适用)

6.Energy use and GHG(greenhouse gas) management
a)List of energy consumption record: 1 year electricity bills电费单/1 year fuel usage invoice/record燃料使用的发票或记录Gas bills 煤气费
b)Transport usage record (litres used for company’s owned vehicles per year)交通使用(本公司机动车辆所使用燃料容量)
c)GHG inventory(GHG名录)
d)Carbon recuction plan碳减排计划-plan to reduce carbon emissions

7.Land Use & Biodiversity
a) Environmental lmpact Assessment report(环境影响报告书)/Environmental
lmpact Assessment sheet(环境影响报告表)/ Environmental lmpact Assessment
registration form(环境影响登记表)

8. Management System
a) Environmental policy 环保政策
b) Environmental committee meeting minutes and review(internal audits or performance)环保委员会会议记要及回顾(内部审核或表现)
c)Any environmental certifications? ISO14001是否有环保证书?
d)Environmental response emergency plan 环保应急计划
e)Environmental training record for managers and works 对经理及员工的环保培训
f)Environmental Accidents/lncidents investigation reports/records 事故/事件调查报告/记录

9. Hazardous Substances Management / Soil & Groundwater Pollution Prevention
a)Chemical register 危险物品记录
c)Employee training manuals and records 员工培训手册及记录

10.Noise pollution
a) Noise testing report 噪音测试报告
b) Periondic noise assessment report 定期的噪音评估报告