The Document Checklist (China)

Please prepare the original documentation listed below for verification and sample photocopying, Thanks!
1.工卡或考勤记录 (过去十二个月)。 如果是使用电子考勤,审核员可能需要在计算机直接审阅考勤记录,审阅是会在工厂职员协助下进行。
Timecards or Attendance Records (Last 12 Months). If electronics time card is used, the auditor may need to review the time record directly from the computer, with the assistance from the factory staff.
If manual attendance record is used, employees’ signature is required at least once a month for verification.
2. 工资表 (过去十二个月)
Payroll Records (Last 12 months)
3. 人事花名册及员工个人档案
Roster and Personnel Records
4. 劳动合同
Labor Contract
5. 社会保险收据、花名册及合格证明文件等
Receipt, Name List and Certificate of Social Insurance, etc.
6. 工商营业执照
Business Registration
7. 消防检查报告或合格证明文件
Fire Safety Inspection or Certificate
8. 消防演习记录、紧急疏散计划及工伤记录等
Fire Drill Record, Emergency Evacuation Plan1 Work Accident Records and Work-related Injury Record
9. 设备安全许可证/校准报告,如电梯、起重机械、铲车、锅炉及压力容器(含气瓶,压力表及安全阀)等
Facilities Safety Operation Certificate/ Calibration Report such as Lift, Lifting Appliance, Forklift, Boiler and Compressing Equipment including Gas Cylinders, Gauge and Safety Valve).
10. 工人上岗证,如电梯工、起重机械操作工及铲车司机等。危险化学品仓库管理员证,电工证及焊接工等。
Operator Certificate such as Lift Operator, Lifting Appliance Operator and Forklift Driver, etc. License for Dangerous Chemical Warehouse Keeper, Electrician and Welder, etc.
11. 厨房卫生许可证及厨工健康证
Kitchen’s Hygiene Certificate and Cooks’ Health Certificate
12. 职业健康检查纪录及化学品安全训练纪录
Occupational Health Examination Records and Chemical Safety Training Records,
13. 环保文件(如建设项目环评、环评批覆、建设项目竣工环境验收报告及排放污染物申报登记表等)
Environmental Documents such as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report, EIA Approval, Acceptance Check of Environmental Protection of Construction Projects and Declaration Form of Pollutants Discharged, etc.
14. 危险废物转移联单及危险废物处置商的经营许可证
Dangerous Waste Disposal Duplicated Form and Business Permit of Dangerous Waste Collector
15. 厂规或员工手册
Factory Regulation or Employee Handbook
16. 政府有关当地最低工资规定文件
Local Minimum Wage Standard
17. 当地劳动局关于延长加班之批文
Official Waiver for Overtime Extension
18. 未成年工体检及劳动局登记记录
Young Workers’ Health Examination and Registration Records
19. 厂房平面图
Factory Building Layout
20. 劳务派遣工的考勤及工资表记录,劳动合同,社会保险收据及合格证明,与劳务派遣单位签订的合同及劳务派遣单位的营业执照
Dispatched Workers’ Attendance & Payroll Records, Labor Contracts, Social Insurance Receipt & Certificates, Contract signed with Labor Agent and the Business License of Labor Agent
21. 其它文件(视乎审核情况所需)
Other documents, subject to actual circumstances during the audit.