同意声明书:Declaration of Consent of BSCI.doc

Social Compliance Audit Application Form企业社会责任审核申请表摘录内容:

Special Notes 特别说明:
a.Quotation will be sent via email to Applicant within 3 business days after audit application is received.
b.The quotation is valid for acceptance within 10 business days from the date of quotation issued.
c.If formal notice of cancellation or rescheduling of an on-site audit is requested by Applicant, the fee charges will be according to the following:

Days prior to the committed date 预定审核日期前 Audit fee 审核费
3- 5 business days 3-5个工作日内 50% of quoted charge 50%
Less than 3 business days 3个工作日内 Full Charge 全额
Access Denied (审核当天)工厂拒绝审核 Full Charge 全额

Declaration of consent同意声明书摘录内容:

1.The company agrees that the auditor may take photos of the factory and factory compound as well as take copies of business documents.
2.The company agrees that the auditor may conduct confidential interviews with employees which are chosen freely without any influence by the company.
3.The company agrees that all audit information can be recorded in a database.
4.The company agrees that the auditor may pass the Audit Questionnaire, Social Audit Report, Social Re-Audit Report and annexes directly to the company’s retail customer or company’s retail customer’s local office / agency being a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative.
5.The company agrees that data can be passed to third parties, but only within the framework of the Business Social Compliance Initiative. This refers to the following situations:
a)Dialogue and cooperation with NGOs and other stakeholders at BSCI meetings for sustainability of BSCI
b)Cooperation with these stakeholders and the BSCI Secretariat to find solutions in connection with the BSCI Complaint Mechanism
Data passed to these parties is treated confidentially by them. Auditing company and the BSCI Secretariat are not liable in case of misuse by other parties.