附件为最新版Target验厂供应商自我评估表Vendor Factory Evaluation(VFE)样本,摘录内容如下:

Vendor FactoryEvaluation (VFE) Overview & Instructions

The Vendor Factory Evaluation (VFE)is a tool to be used by vendors to monitor and access a factory’s ability to meet Target expectations.The VFE focuses on Quality and Supplier Management, Production and Process Control, Production Test Plans, Control of Non-Conforming Materials, Corrective Action, Training, Equipment and Maintenance, Site Conditions, Social Compliance, CTPAT, as well as Production Sector categories that focus on process and/or product categories as they apply to the manufacturing activity within the facility’s walls.

The VFE is to be used by the vendor for the following:
1)Anytime a “new factory” without an existing Target Factory Evaluation is going to be considered for inclusion in the Target factory matrix. Use of the Target VFE is required and must accompany the request for a TCPS Factory Evaluation to be performed.
New Factory is defined as a factory that does not have a current FE (dated within the past twelve months) on file with Target.
A new factory must have at least 3 months of production records and can be defined as any of the following:
• Initial factory evaluation
• A factory new to the Target matrix
• The vendor is building a new building and it is a new BPM ID
• Production lines will start producing a different product category
• NOTE:New ownership of existing factory does not require new FE
2)Anytime an existing factory adds a product category different than what is currently being manufactured in the factory. Use of the Target VFE is required and must accompany the request for a TCPS Factory Evaluation to be performed.
3)Anytime an existing factory adds additional capacity beyond the current factory four walls within a manufacturing compound. Use of the Target VFE is required and must accompany the request for a TCPS Factory Evaluation to be performed.
4)As a tool to baseline, monitor or sustain the factory’s ongoing performance. Vendor’s may utilize the VFE at any time and there is no need to submit this VFE to TCPS if used to monitor or sustain the factory performance.

VFE Workbook Overview
VFE Overview and Instruction tab provides guidance on the purpose, when to use, roles and responsibilities of vendors, and instructions for all tabs provided.
Factory Information tab documents the business area, Vendor and Factory information.
FE Preparation and Documents tab provides direction on the requirements by each business area to be prepared in advance of conducting the VFE.
Factory Capabilities tab records factory manufacturing capabilities.
Machine List & Capacity tab records factory machines available and capacity/output.
FE Walk Thru tab provides a template to document general observations made for each section of the Factory Evaluation during the walk thru of the facility.
Vendor Factory Evaluation (VFE) tab is the actual form used to input the evaluator’s findings and determine the factory score. This tab also includes the Resource Guidance Content to aid the evaluator with their answers.
Workmanship Audit tab is the form used to document the 20-piece inspection of product manufactured in the factory. Applies to Initial Factory Only.

Vendor Factory Evaluation (VFE)中文版的翻译,可参考《2012年Target验厂新规中英文对照完整版》