Audit questions are located in the following tabs:
A) L&E Questions – Labor and Ethics
B) OHS Questions – Health and Safety
C) ENV Questions – Environmental
D) L&S MS Questions – Compliance with Laws and Labor and Ethics Management System
E) EHS MS Questions – Compliance with Laws and EHS Management System

Audit Score and notes about scoring are contained in the Score tab
Do not change any cells in the Score sheet.

Question Ranking:
Questions are ranked as Red (Major Nonconformance), Yellow (Nonconformance), Green (Information Only)
Red and Yellow questions are scored. Green are not
All questions are worth 1 point
All compliant answers earn points (Base score is 0)
Observations and finding descriptions are not scored.

How to use this spreadsheet:
Use Column I to answer each question. Enter Y, N, NA . The score will increment automatically.
Use Column K to enter observations and finding descriptions.